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Founded in 2022, Luxe Homes are a company bringing fresh home ideas to the table, from bespoke furniture to full renovations or new builds, we can handle it all.
Our team of designers will create you a virtual concept of your dream ideas before bringing them to life utilising the latest tools, techniques and materials.
It’s not always about the end goal, it’s about enjoying the journey too!

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At Luxe Homes, our team of high quality craftsmen allow us to create tailor made furniture to fit your unique design or sizes. Our In house interior designers can re-assure you with correct material components along with a personal design package which will show you a full walk-through video.

This unique video provides the opportunity for you to have a look through some design concepts you may choose ranging from bespoke kitchens, beds, sofas, mirrors, or tables we can cover it all.

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